The day Bruno adopted me.

by katie

Bruno wants to know,

Bruno wants to know,

After deciding to get another dog, I searched on Petfinder,and found a border collie mix I was interested in.

When I went to the shelter to visit the dog, I was greeted right off the bat by an American Pit Bull Terrier.

My friend and her son immediately ogled over the dog,while my first reaction was, NO WAY IN HELL!

I was a slave to what the media fed me on these dogs.

After finding the dog I came to look at, I got my friend and her son to come out with me to walk it.

The dog treated me like I wasn't even there, didn't care at all.

After talking a bit with the volunteer, I found out she was dog aggressive, and had several problems.

I was disappointed, but as I was taking her back in, I noticed the Pit was out being trained.

The dog immediately saw me and our eyes locked, he immediately tried to run over to see what I was doing.

He was all smiles and tail wags, and I thought...You know what, lets see what my other dog thinks(she is VERY DA).

Shockingly enough, after barking through the fence at the other dog, she was soon ignoring him, so we let her in and they started to play!

This was so rare of my dog, she hates every dog she sees(all but labs mostly)

I decided to put my bias aside, and adopt the Pit.

Bruno (his new name) has been one of my best decisions, not only has he changed my view on these dogs, but he's changed so many other peoples views on them as well.

We've been though some very hard times (getting evicted, cause I had a "vicious animal" )
and had many people stereo type me and him.

But it's been so worth it. He is a huge teddy bear, and loves everything! cats, kids you name it, he's licked it!

Bruno has changed my life for the better! He's made me realize my passion for these animals, and helped me understand what I want to do with my life.

I want to get into animal rescue, focusing mostly on these misunderstood and wonderful dogs.

Thank you Bruno! I may have adopted you, but you've saved me.

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