The day my life changed.

by Caitlin

This is my sookie.

This is my sookie.

Hi, this is my English, American staffy X Pit bull. In this photo she is 4 weeks old, we rescued her this day. Who knows what would have happened to her otherwise.

I ask you, how can this tiny puppy turn into a killer all by itself? Well, it cant. Her loving owner (me) has looked after her well. Trained her, fed her, washed her, given her a good home and even clothed her, and called her Bling, as she used to try to chew anything that was shiny...especially my jewelery.

When i fisrt got this adorable little girl i was wary about it, but was assured that she is more staffy then pit. Always having ridgebacks myself, and having almost no knowlege about the pitbull breed i was a little uncertain about taking her, even though she was only $100. I couldn't believe this, i thought. i definitely need to take one away from these people. Who knows what was going to happen otherwise?

It was not the best decision i ever made, but i definitely do not regret it at all. She has turned out to be the best dog i ever had (sorry ralph and ruby LOL)

When i first started training her, she was so hard to get through to, she wouldn't even walk when a leash was put on her. I would literally have to drag her on the ground as she would not walk. It was embarrassing! People would pass in cars and shout, "i think your dog is dead!"

So i took her to puppy school and obedience training, within in the first two weeks she was top of the class. She was great and had so much focus and attention for me. no one could break it even for a second in the end.

Training her is always in my mind. The best thing i ever
trained her to do was to roll on her back when a strange dog approaches, therefore showing her belly and submitting. I have never had a serious problem with any other dogs, although she is no pushover either. she has shown what she is made of when another dog has tried to take advantage of her beautiful nature, (just shown them who is boss, not hurting them)

I love my Bling, my whole family loves her and she loves snuggles with us. just beacuse she is a bully doesn't mean she is dangerous. She is the most beautifully tempered and natured dog i have ever seen. not only is she docile, she can be playful too. she just loves being around us. and car rides :D she absolutely goes nuts over squeaky toys, but they are dead in 5 minutes.

Now that she is almost 2 years old, she doesn't bark unless during play time, she doesn't chew anything that isn't hers, she walks easily on a 'loose leash' knows all basic commands, is not only fantastic with kids, but is also great around horses and other animals, she chases bush turkeys, but when she catches them she lets them go. I think she could really be an ambassador even if only for the cross breeds. My next dog will be a purebred, but ruby still has a few years left in her yet :D

Please, don't get rid of this breed of dog, get rid of the sad pathetic owners who think they are smart.

If i hadn't taken Bling when my partner and i had split up, she would definitely have been trained to fight and hurt people too. i am certain about that! no question!

Anyway, that is Bling's story, enjoy... and it would be better if you could put more than one photo up. you can find bling on fb too.

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