The World's First Anti-depressant PUPPY--Zoloft!

by Jason Beer and Wendy Ann Sperling
(Escondido, CA, USA)

Got the blues? Get some Zoloft!! No unpleasant side effects! Just happiness, cuddles, love, and PUPPY KISSES!!! Cures depression instantly and can safely be taken daily on a long-term basis.

We got the idea for our invention because Zoloft pills are blue. They are prescribed for people experiencing the blues. And Zoloft IS blue--a Blue Nosed Pit Bull. Too perfect. Who wouldn't rather have a cuddly puppy over a yucky pill?

We found her in a litter advertised on They wanted $100 and the ad said "Must go today!" We looked at each other and wondered: what would happen to the pups who did not "go today"? No doubt about it, we HAD to go and get her.

Zoey, as we call her, is six months old now. She is going though puppy adolescence. She had decided she must run from bath time, should not swallow her pills, and will NEVER pick up a tennis ball with grass on it.

She has a persistent rash that her vet says is likely due to immune system deficiencies common in Blue Nose APBTs. We call her the world's itchiest puppy. Three baths a week with medicated shampoo seem to help a great deal. She gets pretty smelly between baths, so we don't often forget.

Zoey loves her cuddle time and is happiest laying on the couch between her human mommy and daddy. She fetches with great enthusiasm (as long as the ball never lands in the grass) and rolls over on command. She earns high marks in her puppy kindergarten classes and always plays well with others. We plan to have her certified as a Canine Good Citizen.

Zoey's best friend is our old Black Lab, Fred. He loves to play with his new little buddy. Because he is so much bigger, he can just stand there with a rope toy in his mouth while Zoey tugs, twists, and growls. She just can't shake it lose. Not yet, anyway. Once she's full grown, look out, Fred!

We can't wait to see what Zoey will look like full grown. But we are really enjoying her puppyhood. She is just such a wonderful, loving, happy animal. Long live our baby, Zoloft Effexor Wellbutrin!

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Apr 03, 2012
by: Heather M.

Your puppy is so beautiful! My Kain looked almost exactly like her when we got him. He also had sensitive skin and it was a challenge for us too. We ended up putting him on a raw food diet, and his skin and coat is amazing! We even have compliments on how shiny and silky looking he is.

You will have nothing but joy with Zoloft! Congratulations on your new pup!

Apr 03, 2012
by: Denise

She is beautiful. I agree with you, there is nothing more effective against depression than watching puppies play.

Apr 04, 2012
what ever it takes
by: carrie

im so happy to hear you went the extra mile to help your pup we need to make all pits ambassdor for there breed so well behave dog is a must I to have a blue pit her name bella her pic is on this website but i have notice she has skin issue too so we got specail shampoo for her that seem to help her alot it's called propet hotspot medical shampoo it's like 5bucks at walmart since we use that and yes human pantene cond she doesnt seem to get those break outs as often When we . bought bella never study the breed so we werent aware that the blue ones tend to have skin issue but oh well we love her uncondinally and couldnt ask for a better personality or well behaved pup if we tried she's a blessing and after dealing with her I dont think id ever own another breed god bless you good luck and godbless all the pits out there and the people willing to look past all the jerks out there who says all pits are bad I promise one day with bella your thoughts would change after all my father was against pits but now bella owns his heart and he admits he was wrong....

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