Thoughts on Rescuing and Owning Pit Bulls

by Sharon

Hello, well this is just my view of owning a pit bull, especially one that has been a rescue, as mine is. Well I have one now which is a rescue and I had one which is dead now but was a rescue too. I had her (sandy) for about 12 years.

Anyway our pit was brought to us by a friend who met some men who were taking my now dog to shoot it. It's so hard for me to even write these words. My friend knew me & my partner had rescued one before from people who were quite bad to sandy. He asked them to wait as he knew of people who would take him. And, yes we took him in.

He was 6 months old was so undernourished, had no name was dirty, and had a scar around his mouth as if someone had tied it shut with thin wire. He could not walk on a leash, the 1st time we walked him my partner was walking with the dog pulling the leash by his mouth & shaking it. He would not do the toilet, smell the trees, grass, he did nothing but fight his way around the park.

Although he was not viscous to us, he came to us with a rope round his neck, which had been choking him. But we had a normal collar & lead on him. So we went home. I went & got a muzzle, and we put sandy's old harness on him, to break the cycle. And that it did he walked well smelt the trees, done his toilet it was amazing, as the walk earlier.

I was back from the dog & crying thinking what's happened to him? But in the house we would say his name to him but we would get on with our daily business & let the dog get used to its home.

We would then start walking by him and clapping him then walk away, we were waiting on him coming to us as I believe in these situations, if you have a pit you should have the knowledge, & respect for what these dogs are capable of, without being fearful.

If for any reason you do not know if your pit will attack a dog or person & I believe with the damage they can do, then as the owner I have the duty to prevent my pit from getting into a situation were I don't know how it will react. So when we are walking the dog in a
park we always have a muzzle, in case a dog shows aggression to my dog. If the other dog is not a pit, then I will defend my dog, our dog is always on a lead & I shout & say to other dog owners whose dog is loose is your dog a fighter if so get it now!! Please.

And in the house he has a running machine, and he has places we can go were we know there are no other dogs, and let him run, as I know my pit won't start a fight, but if a dog starts on him he will do severe damage.

So I would summarize what I am saying is if you have a pit bull, make sure you have all the knowledge about them, & respect what it is capable of when angry. Although we all know, they are humorous, clever, loving, very loving & interested in everything around them. They are also very strong & if pushed utterly dangerous.

It is up to the owners to protect their dog but also their responsibility to protect others from their dog. Learn to read your dogs signs, when they are not happy in a situation, is a kid being to hyperactive, is a dog showing signs of aggression, therefore your dog will react. Remember this is mostly but not all about a dog you have rescued & don't know the dogs history until you get it assessed and maybe trained by a reputable dog psychologist or trainer.

And I am also a great believer in getting your dog neutered, as you could find yourself in a serious situation, if it tries to get on your leg & your trying to get it off. It can get aggressive that's if it's left until the dog is a bit older therefore stronger.

Most of all love your pit bull cherish it as it is the best breed of dog you can have if you both have the same energy. Thank you for reading. Pit bulls are my passion. Get the knowledge you need to avoid unwanted events during your life together & know everything about the breed not just the love and good looks :).

Oh and I had my other bitch pit living with us with a rescued bitch staffordshire bull terrier & never had any fight with them both or with any other dog or incident with people. Just always know your surroundings, will anything trigger your pitt? And always know where your dog is. Thank you again.

Kind regards,

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