What is the height and weight of a purebred adult male pit bull

by Renee
(Westchester, NY)

I have a purebred male rednose pit bull puppy and I would like to know how tall he will be when he is full grown and what his body structure will look like?

Gale's Reply:

Hi Renee:

The best way to know the expected adult size of a pit bull puppy is to look at his lineage. What size were his parents, grandparents and great grandparents?

There has been a lot of outcrossing done with the APBT over the last couple of decades. Mostly with idea of producing either larger dogs or stockier dogs. (I refuse to get into a debate over whether these are "real" American Pit Bull Terriers. I'm simply noting that this is what has happened.) Consequently, size and appearance aren't as standardized for pit bulls as they are for some other breeds.

The UKC (United Kennel Club)says the ideal adult male weighs between 35 - 65 lbs when full grown. But, dogs over that weight are not penalized in the show ring unless they are massively overweight or rangey. They say height is not as important as the ratio of weight to height--which just goes to show how loose the breed standard for appearance is even among people who show their dogs.

So, the bottom line is the best way to know what your puppy is going to look like when full grown is to know what his ancestors looked like.

By the way, the fact that he is a red nose will not influence his height or weight or overall appearance--only his nose color.

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Sep 07, 2010
What size will you puppy grow up to be.
by: Anonymous

Interesting enough back the 1990s, I found this calculation when I had my first born. At two years old, if you double your child's height, that will be their adult height. At two years old, we calculated that our daughter would be 5'10. Even though my husband and I were under 5'10" we thought, "No way".

Well guess what? She is now 20 and is 5'10".

Yes, you are talking puppies and dogs. Your thinking women have you gone crazy? Nope!

I ask this same question to my vet about 7 months ago regarding my almost one year old Pitty Puppy. Vet looked in his charts to see what his weight was at 4 months. She then calculated 80 plus pounds for his adult weight. I thought, "No way."

Well guess what? Pitty Puppy is now 81 pounds and will be celebrating his 1st birthday next month.

So if this is not a true or accurate measure of the future weight of pups or height of our children... IT IS STILL FUN.

So far it has been accurate for me.

Have a beautiful day.

Aug 28, 2011
a look into the future!!
by: troubles mum

Hiya, well i as always agree with gales advice, this lady knows her pit bulls no question, & i agree with her but i also think you will have to wait & see what your pit will be like when it grows height you can not influince, weight you can somewhat, you can over feed & under excercise your pit or excercise it well which will help with the muscle tone on the legs and body if you were to do weight pulling with it our 1st pit was more athletic, strong, fast and my 2nd 1 came to us thin as so did the 1st pit my pit also a red nose, which means nothing these days there used to be the old irish family red nose bred for their gameness, but now a red nose, blue nose are pit bulls like all pit bulls the only diffrence is the colour of the red nose or blue appearence anyway now trouble is more bully, with a big chest, strong and fast, some people have 5 kids & some look like 1 side of the family & there can be 1 or 2 that look nothing like any of their siblings or parents, so i am of the impression that as long as you have seen the parents & you know they look good pits then your dog will be a good pit but some people have looks they prefer. It will be a nice surprise & i walk with my pit to me he is trouble my loved pit & people say to me wow what a dog, thats a beast its lovely, excercise your pit well & it will look great height wise look at the parents, just don't over feed & under excercise it or you will have a slow walking barrow on legs, with a shorter life span, but there is not really a rule to how a pit should look, just take a look at pit bull photos & you will see the diffrent variety 1 things for sure it will be loads of fun & you'll get lots of love & it will be beutifull enjoy the ride

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