WHEN bulldogs lose control

by Kurt
(Portland, ME)

YES- Pitbulls and some other bulldogs ARE dangerous. I JUST experienced it. It has NOTHING to do with how well they are bred OR raised. The whole point is when they snap (FOR WHAT EVER REASON) they are usually the hardest dog to handle.

I went to pick my dog up at a dog daycare today. When I got there, there was bedlam. This place has cameras in the lobby. I heard a LOT of commotion and on the camera, I saw people and dogs jumping all over the place. I ignored their policy and ran in the back (a good thing I did).

One of the managers (a big guy) had the tip of his finger bitten half off and spurting blood. His wife (the other manager) had been badly bitten on her palm and was white from loss of blood. I didn't leave until the ambulance showed up.

Fortunately my dog (a 21 lb Schnoodle) wasn't involved and was okay. If he was hurt, however, I would have found the American Bulldog and snapped his neck and took the legal consequences.

Please- enough red herring arguments about how they are bred and or raised. The entire point is that they are TOO dangerous WHEN they do become violent. THAT is the ONLY issue.

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Apr 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

your an idiot

Apr 27, 2010
When bull dogs lose control?
by: Gale

I won't argue with your experience, after all it's YOUR experience. But, your interpretation of it and the conclusion you draw from it, doesn't seem at all rational.

Why pick on bullys in particular? There are LOTS of dog breeds that would be a challenge to manage if they were to become, as you put it, "out of control". Do you really believe it would be so much easier to reign in a Great Dane or a Rottie?

In my view, the dogs weren't supposed to be in control to begin with. The humans lost control of the situation. That's the real problem.

Typically, when something like this happens, people say, "It all happened so suddenly, There was no warning." That's almost never true. The problem is most people don't know what to look for in dog behavior and body language until it's so obvious that it's too late to intervene effectively.

I'm sorry this happened at your dog's day care. But, don't blame the bull dog. It's the human caretaker's job to be a good pack leader and keep everyone safe.

May 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

Um, hello? A bulldog is NOT a pit bull. And just because they have the word "bull" in their name doesn't automatically make them dangerous. Does anyone know how this bulldog that bit had been treated? Probably not. Now shut up.

Jun 28, 2010
Any dog is dangerous, they are animals!
by: Anonymous

How about the 110 lb Labrador (I won't blame breed, I'll blame a missing link or screw loose or too much in breeding, or lack of training) practically scalped a little girl in a town close by? This didn't make the news?

And the owners had the audacity to want to quarantine the dog at home when it was their child the dog bit? The child living in the same home. And I guarantee you there were signs long before this.

Dogs don't 'snap!' There are lots of signs the average person can't see long before anything progresses to acute aggression.
Now this Labrador didn't' make the headlines, Marley did. How does this happen? How can we go from Little Rascals pal to blood thirsty rage?

The human race is ruining dogs in general, and I hope we learn our lessons before we decide to make them extinct thru stupid politics and BSL.

Jun 28, 2010
Who are the dangerous dogs?
by: Anonymous

I am a pet care professional. I have dealt with many an aggressive dog. I have experienced injuries from dog fights, aggressive behaviors in dogs that have occurred between dogs and between human and dog. I myself have been bitten by a bulldog, yorkie, westie poo, lab and hound mix.

Your comment : "they are TOO dangerous WHEN they do become violent" Is a valid one, but your error lies in the pigeon-holing of a breed.

All dogs are dangerous when they become aggressive. Larger and more powerful dogs, however, have the advantage. This does not, however, preclude other breeds. It hasn't everything to do with breed and to state broadly that this type of aggression is possible only by this breed is not only an uneducated statement, but an ignorant one. Aggression includes many factors including temperament, breeding, training, health, history and many other factors.

Are Pit Bulls and bully breeds dangerous? They can be. Are other breeds dangerous? They can be. Can Pit Bulls inflict injury? They can yes. Can other breeds inflict injury? Yes.

Let's stop pigeon holing the breed and blaming them for every aggressive dog's behavior. Instead, lets educate ourselves and realize that the potential for aggression is possible in any breed and more dangerous when it occurs in breeds with larger teeth and bodies and more strength. That being said...there's a whole lot of potential for every dog, no matter what breed, to be a wonderful, amazing, intelligent and well behaved companion.

"The fact is that big dogs are more powerful and can inflict more damage. That doesn't mean they are more aggressive or dangerous. It means owners need to be more responsible."
- Dr. Kim Blindauer (Veterinarian, Altanta CDC)

Aug 04, 2010
by: Melissa Martin

You are so ridiculous that it is unreal. I cannot believe that you are ignorant enough to say what you just said. Just because some owners are not responsible doesn't mean other pit bull owners can't keep their dogs under control. On another note, YOU sound like you are a little too dangerous when YOU lose control because you would "snapped his neck." Get a clue and keep your "scnoodle" inside so you don't spread your ignorance around.

Aug 05, 2010
Did you get the whole story?
by: Anonymous

Let me ask you, you said that YOUR dog wasn't involved. What dog, besides the Bulldog, was?
How do you know the Bulldog wasn't provoked? Was there a fight? Did the manager try to break it up? Do they even know the "proper" way of breaking up a dog fight?
A friend of mine got bit by her own Great Dane, yes..not a Bully, when she tried to break up a fight.
I got bit by my own dog, a Labmix, when I broke up a fight he was involved in. (now I know the "proper" way of breaking up a fight)
As a responsible dog owner, you should know that trying to break up a fight can get you injured. Because at that particular moment the dog, whatever breed it is, doesn't realize who or what is grabbing it. So please, educate yourself before you come out with half stories, or don't know anything about dog behavior.....

Oct 09, 2011
Polemics and hysteria will get you nowhere
by: Anonymous

Hello, I have trained pitbulls for 15 years now. This person uses polemics and emotional stories to cultivate more hysteria. Pitbulls do not snap...like some doctor jekyll/mr hyde. They have the highest tolerance and threshold of any dog. And a bite, from any dog, the animal gives off warning signs far beforehand. Cars are extremely dangerous and kill more people than anyone or anything...but we let 16 year olds operate them because they make life easy to get around. Men, when they "snap", have the power to kill women and children and they have since the beginning of time. Should we extinguish men too ?

PS Do not use propogate fear and then use fear as your excuse to be a bully.

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