Who are the "Dangerous Dogs"

by Rebecca
(New York)

I am a pet care professional. I have dealt with many an aggressive dog. I have experienced injuries from aggressive behaviors in dogs that have occurred between dogs and between human and dog. I myself have been bitten by a bulldog, yorkie, westie poo, lab and hound mix.

One of the comments on this page states: they are TOO dangerous WHEN they do become violent specifically in regards to Bully Breeds. While this statement is a valid one it's error lies in the pigeon-holing of a breed. While a specific dog of a specific breed may be dangerous, it does not mean all dangerous dogs belong strictly to that breed. One bad apple doesn't mean the entire tree is rotten.

All dogs can be dangerous when they become aggressive. While larger and more powerful dogs have the advantage, it's safe to say that a small dog that bites or attacks a small child can be equally dangerous, comparatively speaking.

It hasn't everything to do with breed and to state broadly that this type of aggression is possible only by this breed is not only an uneducated statement, but an ignorant one. Aggression includes many factors including temperament, breeding, training, health, history and many other factors. Nothing in regards to dog aggression is black and white.

Are Pit Bulls and bully breeds dangerous? They can be. Are other breeds dangerous? They can be. Can Pit Bulls and bully breeds inflict injury? Yes they can. Can other breeds inflict injury? Yes they can. This isn't about
breed. It's about aggression and one does not cause the other.

Google "attack by lab" or "attack by golden retriever" or really any other breed and you will find it. Check the CDC and dog bite reports that even say themselves that the percentage of dog bites by a specific breed is unfairly balanced when a specific breed is represented or more popular in that community.

For example, in a community where there is one pit bull to 20 labs, you can bet the percentage of bites by a lab will be higher. In a community where there is one lab to 20 pit bulls, you can bet the percentage of bites by a pit bull will be higher. Unless each community has an even number of each breed in their community, the percentages reflect only the popularity of the breed, not the breed's propensity to bite.

Let's stop targeting the bully breeds and blaming them for every aggressive dog's behavior. Instead, lets educate ourselves and realize that the potential for aggression is possible in any breed and more dangerous when it occurs in breeds with larger teeth and bodies and more strength.

That being said...there's a whole lot of potential for every dog, no matter what breed, to be a wonderful, amazing, intelligent and well behaved companion.

"The fact is that big dogs are more powerful and can inflict more damage. That doesn't mean they are more aggressive or dangerous. It means owners need to be more responsible."
- Dr. Kim Blindauer (Veterinarian, Altanta CDC)

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Jul 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

well said!

Feb 27, 2011
Very well said
by: Anonymous

I couldn't agree with you more!!

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