Why were APBTs banned in England?

Hello, I don't know how much information on this subject people will be able to offer me as I assume this is a predominantly American site, however I was wondering why the breed was banned in England. I think its a very harsh ruling to ban a breed and wanted to grasp a better understanding of the situation. Thanks for those that can help.

Gale's Reply:

It is a harsh measure and a useless one as far as reducing the number of dog bites in a community. There are places in the U.S. and Canada that ban pit bulls also--cities like Denver and Ontario. And, I believe Australia has some type of restriction on pit bulls though it's never really been clear to me what it is.

In the absence of knowledge of the particulars in the U.K., I would say it's probably not much different than anywhere else. The media sensationalizes any mishap involving a dog that looks like a pit bull.

I heard something on a student documentary the other day that said there is evidence that shows that the media overwhelmingly rejects dog bite stories that do not involve pit bulls. This gives the public the false impression that pit bulls are more vicious than other dogs.

Consequently, the public has come to fear pit bulls and politicians have capitalized on that by running on a platform of keeping the community safe by banning the dogs that people fear most.

In other words, it's a combination of ignorance and ambition that has cast APBTs in such a negative light.

Perhaps someone with more intimate knowledge of the situation in the U.K. will see this and respond also.

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Oct 31, 2010
by: paul hunter

They were banned for the number of attacks on children,with 4 or 5 children dying from the attacks.Also they became a status dog for young thugs who would walk around with them intimidating neighbourhoods,and letting them attack other breeds.People still own pitbulls but this is against the law now under the dangerous dogs act.The thugs now walk around with staffordshire bull terriers trying to pass them of as pits to contine the intimidation.Only 2 month ago in liverpool UK an illegal pitbull killed a 3 year old boy.The pit was a pet,in the family home.

Oct 31, 2010
pitbull ban
by: lisa

regarding the banning of pitbulls. in the past when a breed has been used by thugs and gangbanger wannabe's it has caused a great deal of negative publicity for that particular breed. fueled by the media, hungry for ratings and shock value, the breed is exploited. the reality is that the lawmakers and politicians that take advantage of this publicity never do anything about the humans that cause the problem in the first place. if pb's are banned, this worthless human element will select another breed for their purposes and the cycle will continue.
There are children in elementary schools that see nothing wrong with dog fighting because they see it daily in their homes. the only solution is re-educating the public and that's a monumental task for pb lovers.

Nov 01, 2010
The law regarding pitbulls
by: Anonymous

Apparently Pit Bulls, because in older times were bred for fighting, are an agressive breed. This is the reason they used to put them on the dangerous dogs list. However that is fundamentally flawed due to any dog listed as a "banned" breed is allowed to be kept under certain conditions. These conditions are:

They are ear tattooed, microchipped and registered

They have a muzzle on in public

They are neutered so they are unable to breed

The fences within the garden of the proposed property are renforced and high enough to stop a pit bull getting over them

This is the reason why the law itself is flawed. I would much rather it be "deed not breed" so that pit bulls who aren't registered but are good family pets aren't put in secure holding then put down.

Aug 13, 2011
why pit bulls are banned in the UK
by: Anonymous

Hi gale, i withought a doubt, beleive they are banned here in the UK, with the reasons you have replyed, i also beleive it is now somewhat a ban that some now regret & know that a rottwieller, for example, large breeds, any dog really could kill or maim a child even an adult, withought the correct, owner any dog is a danger and the ban on pit bulls is discracefull and over the top, if any bull terrior has done a horrible act, in biting a child which i would never defend any dog that would bite children they always show a picture of a pit bull, and say "a pit bull type dog" has done the act it is an out of date attatude and the thing is the pit bull fighting still goes on where is the same passion to help the dogs?

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