by Lou Hinshaw
(Blue Earth, MN )

I am an ex-animal control officer. in the 4 years i worked in this field, i wish i would have had the privilege of working with this breed more.

I was bitten twice during this time. what by: a collie crossbreed and a poodle. the poodle was the worse, talk about stubborn, it hung on and wouldn't let go. it would have looked real cute going to the er like that.

In the 40 years i,ve worked with dogs i have only seen one people aggressive pit bull. the dogs i worry about the most even to this day are the Chihuahua, pekineses and poodle. growing up i always seemed to get chomped on by these breeds.

If anyone wants to, they can ask my vet which of my dogs he would rather treat between my Dalmatian or my pit bull, it's the Dalmatian that has to be muzzled.

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Aug 30, 2010
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Finally a comment posted by someone who has actual experience with dogs, of all breeds!

Dec 06, 2010
I totally agree with you!
by: islandpride

We own a 12(ish)yr old male Belgian Malinous (German Sheppard looking), 6 yr old female Keeshound and a 2 yr old Pit Bull. We have more of a problem worrying about our Malinoise biting visitors that we do about our Pit Bull. Sad to say before we took over the care of our Malinous from my dad we was mistreated which may be a big reason for him to be overly protected of us including our other dogs. We have learned to introduce the two boys to visitors separately because our Pit would get into fights with the Malinous when he tries to bite any visitors. But trust me other than that they both get along really well the Pit see's him as the alfa male and father figure.

How did we get a Pit Bull:
I have to admit we never thought we'd own one in fact never planned to own three dogs. But it was just two years ago when we first moved into our new home Koa our Pit about 8 weeks old at the time, slipped into the garage one night while backing out. We took it in our hands to find the owner ourselves being that he had no i.d. on him and with the survival time Pits have in shelters. It didn't take us long to change our views on Pit Bulls because of Koa's loyalty to us and our other dogs. Though Koa can be a little rough when playing, he actually loves to meet other dogs. Koa has such a friendly character towards other dogs, one time we had him introduce himself to a friend's toy dog (both on leashes) and just after sniffing each others nose, that little dog snapped at him and he jumped back behind me to protect him.

Moral to the story:
Ya maybe they have the instincts and physical build to do some damage BUT it can be controlled. Give them the proper love and attention, let them mingle with other dogs at a young age, ALWAYS reward them for being good, and PUNISH those who improperly breed and train them! It has to start now and pushed hard.

REMEMBER THIS: How can society point fingers and punish a animal that was the poster child for World War II and with the word AMERICAN in its name (APBT)!? I think it's unpatriotic to mishandle them kinda like seeing someone killing off the American Bald Eagle.

Thank you to all who shared a positive story keep making a difference!

Sep 15, 2015
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