Young pit bull puppy

by Nikesh

I just got a very young pit bull puppy. He is only four weeks old. Is it bad that I have gotten him so early?

Gale's Reply:

Hi Nikesh:

I wouldn't take a 4 week old puppy away from its mother and litter mates unless there was no choice. Puppies aren't really ready to begin the weaning process until about 3 - 5 weeks of age. And ideally it would be a gradual transition from mother's milk to formula to soft food to solids.

Rushing the weaning process can cause digestive, nutritional and immune problems. So please, contact your vet to find out exactly what you should be feeding your puppy at his stage of development.

Puppies also learn social skills during their time with mom and sibs--things like bite inhibition and how to play with peers. Cutting this time short can make training more of a challenge and can give rise to behavioral issues that you will then need to address as they become apparent.

That said, we all know that sometimes puppies are orphaned or end up in a shelter at a very early age and they still turn out to be wonderful companions. The thing is, whenever it's an option, puppies should stay with the litter long enough to be fully weaned AND to learn those important elementary social skills.

I know that many breeders push puppies out the door (for economic reasons) at six weeks. But, eight weeks is really more optimal.

Good luck. I wish you and your new puppy all the best.

Comments for Young pit bull puppy

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Dec 04, 2011
young pits
by: Anonymous

I got mine at 3 weeks bc the mom quit nursing them...just make sure u socialize them mine is a 100lb blue with a 24inch head that's a therapy dog...! Good luck man...!

Dec 04, 2011
got mine at 4 wks
by: amanda

I got my first pit at 4 wks after a complication with the mother meant all pups had to be taken away early with out weaning. We had to add dog yogurt to her food to make up for the natural bacteria from moms milk she wouldnt recieve. We socialized her well because it we knew each of the littermates owners. She turned out to be the best dog i have ever owned and was very bonded with each member of our family. :)

Dec 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

Early weening in any animal can not only cause health problems, but more importantly, if not handled correctly can cause serious psychological issues for the animal. Like the two posts above state, socialization with it's own kind is key during the first few weeks as is using recommended supplements from the vet for it's health. If you are conscientious enough to be here asking then I am confident you will do all you can to be sure your new family member gets everything it needs. Kudos for your concern!

Dec 05, 2011
Young pit bull puppy
by: Anonymous

I've taken other breeds at young ages because the people who had them didn't want to have to deal with it and I found that the more constant human contact you have could make them closer to you. Be sure and let the Vet tell you what food is best, etc. Even having them exposed to your other pets (cats and dogs) could help them be better socialized in later years. Good luck, you've got your work cut out for you, but I'm sure you will have a loving, beautiful dog in the end.

Jan 05, 2012
5week pitbull puppy
by: trey1987

i got 5week old pitbull puppy is he to young to be away from its mom he drinks water and eats puppy food and when be best time give him his shots

Jun 17, 2013
sick puppy, I think
by: raylene

I went to a local store, some lady was out there selling what she said 7 week old pit bull/ bull mastiff mix puppies 25.00. So I bought a lil female,I get her home she acts weak and really don't want to eat or drink. I don't want nothing to happen to her so what should I do for her, really don't have the money for a vet. but want to love her and don't want nothing to happen to her????????? please help me!!

Nov 10, 2014
week pup not wanting to eat or drink NEW
by: Anonymous

to the above weekly puppy...parvo is rampent, go get her checked tonight if possible. i bairly caught my pups parvo in time. if you call 1500.00 in time

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